Monday, July 2, 2012


The sun seems to rise earlier and set later here Kansas.  
Days are long, but they are full.

The kids usually play inside at one of the other's houses during the heat of the day, but in the evenings after dinner they all gather on the sidewalk and have some good ol' fashion fun with Duck, Duck, Goose or Hide and Go Seek.  Nothing big, yet absolutely how perfect memories are made.

It is always so hard to start anew.  But I am thankful for the instant friendships made in a military community.  It helps with the continued longing for Richard and the the new longing of life at 57.  Sweet Kate asked me the other day, "Why did we have to move here?" And Olivia keeps saying she doesn't want "to go to this Kansas house, but OUR house in Georgia." 
Oh!  If you only knew the number of aches in my heart ... 

I praise God for His plans.  
I praise Him for never letting me forget (at least not for too long) that they are good.  

He has provided and will continue to provide.

I am thankful that our days are full, but for now it is still just one day at a time.


  1. Better to long for 57 than a daddy who's not coming home.

    1. So true, Jenna! And we continue to pray for his and all soldier's safe return ... as well as for the families of the Fallen.