Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Crossing the Street

In true FB form, my path has crossed with the friend of a friend in the FB world.  And I don't know how I obtained this great blessing, but I am truly thankful for the friendship of another amazing lady.  She has encouraged me to pick up my lens again.  As many of you might be, I am participating in the #FMSphotoaday  photo challenge.  I've never done one of these.  That should tell you how inspired I am by my new FB friend:).  (If you are in the Nashville area and need a photographer ... check her out at www.jenniferlawrencephotography.com)

Today was day 9 and the theme was RED.  I knew instantly what I wanted to photograph.  

So many images I take at The House on Grant are from my porch looking at the park across the street.  At this park there are a lot of big and wonderful trees.  About a week ago, however, I noticed one small tree that seemed to turn a beautiful deep red color overnight.  You can't help but being drawn to this tree.  It isn't anywhere near as big and grand as the other trees, but it is definitely the tree that gets all the attention.  Today when the other girls were busy with school and art class, I grabbed my sweet little one and my lens and crossed the street.  

Momma, I know you'll enjoy seeing these images.  I wish so much you could be here to walk through the park with us.  The girls and I think of you all the time.  We miss you and love you and pray for you daily.  We are hopeful God will grants us our requests and heal you completely. Next Fall we want you to come for a visit!!

I love the above image!! See what I mean about the red tree commanding attention?!


  1. Gorgeous photos!!! We have a tree like that in our neighborhood that lights up in a bright yellow very suddenly. Every time I pass it, I look to make sure I don't miss it. :)

    Did I know you were a Bama fan already?