Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot ...

like Easter!
It wasn't intentional, and it is not my custom to decorate for Easter.  I'm not crafty.  There.  I've said it.  I have five girls.  I homeschool.  I have a blog AND I'M NOT CRAFTY.  Ahhhh.  I feel better now that that is out there.  Talk about coming out of the closet:).

Seriously, I love crafts and would love to be more creative.
It's just not my strength.
But I do try.

Kate is having an emotional conflict with Claritin.  I think it is driving her mad:)!  I will be switching to another allergy medicine tomorrow.  For today, I tried to ward off her never ending meltdowns by dying some beautiful eggs my sweet friend Liz surprised us with.  Liz has chickens.  I like Liz.  Kate enjoyed herself and her mood was great ... until it was over.  You know the saying, and it is true, nothing lasts forever!

our eggs before

our eggs after 
(kate looks pleased!)

munchkin had a snack and was confined during our little project time!!

kate made the baskets for the dining room table (above)
patterson put the days of the week in order (below)

my egg wreath has gotten some people's attention
(what's your opinion??? I don't think it is that bad!)

my egg/bird tree

more easter fun in school!


  1. Look like you guys had tons of fun! Great ideas and good family time! That is what the Holidays are about! ~lulu

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed the eggs. And you didn't have to color the green one. And we can bring you more if you want. Geez these birds are laying like crazy for some reason. It's wonderful. We have 5 dozen in the fridge and give at least a dozen to every neighbor every couple days. It's wonderful. But I am glad you are enjoying them. We'll be doing that Friday night, probably. Have a great Easter week.