Monday, March 29, 2010

What Blogs Are Like

image 1649351789-0

Am I the only one who thinks scanning blogs are sort of like flipping through magazines in a much more glorified way?!

Here is an old cabinet I have my eye on.  I'm hoping to bring it home in April!  I discovered a new blog today via another blog I follow.  Here is the link   Go there and see what this cabinet could become.  (check the rachel ashwell entry)  While I'm not a romantic type decorator, I love the simplicity of what is pictured and would love to have one or two of the paintings shown, the box on the table and that leather chair.  I can totally picture myself in a crisp, banker stripe oxford and bootleg chinos, drinking a perfect cup of afternoon coffee chatting with Richard in that chair!  Ahhhhhhh ... okay, back to my real life.  Only 38 more minutes of break time before the madness of our second half of the day begins.



  1. Wow, Thank you for mentioning my blog on yours. Thank you for visiting me so that now I can follow you. Rachel ashwell is such and inspiration. That cabinet is fab..can't wait to see how it turns out! ~lulu

  2. Yay...when did you start this? I love it!!!! I have not been on FB in so long that I must have missed your postings.

    Adding you to my reader right now! Love you bunches.