Saturday, May 22, 2010

Family Time

We've had a fantastic weekend thus far.  Dinner out last night at our favorite mexican restaurant.  Stuffed ourselves with chips and filled our hearts with laughter.  Afterwards Richard treated me to a new pair of running shoes ... and I said goodbye to my old faithfuls that I've had since Parker was born (that's right, they were EIGHT years old!!!).  This morning Richard and I had our painful 3 mile run.  This is our run that we have to psych ourselves up for ... if I remember correctly, there are at least 7 hills in this short run.  It is definitely the kind of run that you never really feel the "yeah, turnaround!" because there are just as many crazy hills on the way back as there are on the way to the turnaround.  It is just a v.e.r.y hard run.  But it is always the greatest treat to me to run with Richard.  Always.  It was humid this morning, but there were was a wonderful cool breeze as well.  We saw several little wild bunnies and a very beautiful yellow bird that I need to research to learn it's name.  Yes, a hard but nice run and a great start to the day.  The rest of the day has just been busy with normal day to day things, but we have laughed and laughed and just enjoyed each other so much.  I know I've said this before, but it is so nice to have Richard home.  I am so thankful for that.  And I am so thankful for laughter.  :)
Remembering in my prayers all my Army Wives without the ones they love ...


  1. Your girls always look so happy! And I just LOVE you in that hat!!!

  2. I love these pictures of everyone! Please visit! And Ms Mary Katherine, you look as gorgeous as ever =)