Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Number 5

This is of Olivia from last night.  Poor thing!!  I just had to take a photo.  I am convinced she is going to be the most well adjusted of all of us ... and I'm documenting everything just to prove how she got that way:).

I read the girls the story of being "Fishers of Men" tonight.  As always, I end up being reminded of something myself.  I am reminded that even though I've been out in the boat all day, if taking it out and lowering the net once more is what I need to do, then I need to do it!  How many fish blessings have I missed because I've not obeyed that command?

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  1. Whew, did I need to hear that!! Especially with our decision to finally take care of Matthew's middle school education this upcoming year. Do you know that he does ABSOLUTELY no work in school and hasn't learned a cotton pickin' thing! No kidding. I mean NO kidding. So of course he's failing b/c I have to go BACK to 4th grade math!! But with homeschoooling, he can SAY he's in 7th and who cares. ha ha ha. Or 6th. He may repeat it at home, but I'm not sure considering his age and he was held back in 5th. Anyway...this was DEFINITELY something I needed to read. You make me a better mother. I'm NOT kidding. You may have a crazy life, but you always teach others through it even when you have no idea that you do!