Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trying to Stay Afloat

I'm not going to ask if you've ever had one of those days.  I know we all have.  

Today is one of those days, however, that I feel like my "one of those days" is a boomerang.  No matter how hard or far I throw it, I turn around and it's right back with me.  


Praise God for a bed at the end of the day and the hope of a new day to come where "His mercies are new" again!

I've been extremely busy lately.  Then I was out of town.  Then my computer was being repaired.  
I'm still busy, but I'm home and my computer is up and running.  
I haven't checked my email yet ... I will tomorrow.  My apologies if there is anything pressing.  I just can't handle one more pressing thing today. 

I really feel like throwing in the towel right now ... but I decided to check out the images I captured from the past couple of days first.  

The girls and I went to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to visit with Momma and Daddy (and my aunt Peggy:)).  It is always such fun to just be in that town.  It is my hometown and it's safe to say that I've been a BAMA fan as long as I've been a Christian.   (if you're a college football fan, you'll understand)  I can remember being very, very young and going to Tuscaloosa with my family and visiting my Grandparents.  I always looked forward to those trips, and I always knew we'd visit campus while we were there.  I remember Momma buying me little Bama t-shirts with snoopy on them.  I think she still has one or two in her drawer:).  Now, I take my girls "home" to Tuscaloosa to see their Grandparents and take them on campus and buy them Bama t-shirts with snoopy on them.  Sweet memories for me.

Here are some images from our trip home.  I'm getting ready to call it a day and spend some time in prayer giving thanks for my many blessings and remembering those who are far from the ones they love.  

Remembering also those affected by the recent casualties in Afghanistan.  Sad that we need reminders such as these to keep our eyes on what's most important in life.  

To God be the Glory.

me and my girls

I love the beauty of campuses

What a fantastic tree!!

my olivia ...

visiting the stadium ...

parker is my biggest BAMA fan

feeding pigeons
patterson wanted SO bad to hold one ... comments reserved, obviously

my giggly hanson ellis ... this is perfect picture of who she is

I wonder if my girls were the first to give those birds goldfish??
no, doubt it:)

and then Momma's house.
always picture perfect!


  1. Oh MK! I know exactly how you feel! Fall is my FAVORITE time of year and I hate it when I can't get on top of my "game" to enjoy it! But honestly, when I look back at it thankfully I see that the drowning was only a short time and that it was the Lord saying "breath, lay your burdens at my feet, and spend some time with me and I will return your time 10 fold" and that is the way it feels! I seem to have a "yes Lord" and a "whatever" attitude when that boomarang comes back at me then! You're right we've all been there! Not trying to lecture you! Hopefully encouraging you that you did the right thing! It's hard for me to list off all the things I am thankful for when those things are STRESSING me out! Hope you feel refreshed and encouraged to start a new day! I will pray for ya now!

    P.S. Glad you had a great visit! If you head a little further south next time come visit!

  2. P.S.S. Can hardly pick out the Momma in that picture of you and your girls, you young looking thing!

  3. Phew, that really IS a lot - I've had a very tough time finding our new balance since school started, I too have had quite a few of "those days", I love your boomerang analogy b/c I feel that too ... I just can't find the groove and it's been weeks! Hope you were able to find peace through your prayers last night ...

    And as always, your photos are just such a joy to browse through - your beautiful girls, beautiful YOU, and that gorgeous campus, what's not to love?!

  4. Oh, those days. It's always good to pull out the photos on days like that.

    As always, beautiful photos! How wonderful to visit home.

    War Eagle! : )