Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Venturing, a Happy and How to Tell if You're an Army Wife

A plus to deployment, accomplishment.  When Richard's gone I get so much done after the girls go to bed.  Folding clothes, cleaning floors ... just don't seem that pressing when he's home.  But when he's not, I actually find a lot of pleasure in bustling around the house after the girls have gone to sleep.  There are two consequences to this.  Accomplishment and exhaustion.  Bustling around means staying up even later than usual and hence not getting the sleep I need so much, which leads to a very tired Momma the next day as well as an extreme mental battle before a run:).

I had to make myself go this morning.

I'm glad I did.

It was only 58 degrees and super foggy.  I don't think I could see past a quarter of a mile ahead of me.  My eyelashes even had dew on them!  My route is getting old, so having new conditions to run in was a bit exciting.  But even at 58, I was still ever so thankful for the sprinklers to run through.  Only in the south is the humidity that bad at 58.

By mile 4 I was feeling a lot more motivated, so I ventured off my usual path and decided to take on a hill I've not yet been able to run up.  This is the hill Richard and I questioned whether or not our moving van would make it up.  It is .3 miles almost straight up and let's just say I made it .28:).  IT WAS SO HARD!!! But I was thankful for the challenge and look forward to trying it again.  Can't wait to tell my hero what I did.  This is the hill that put him on the bench, and kept him from running with me for a month.
He'll be happy I ventured, and happy that he didn't have to run it with me:).

Now for a Happy.
I walked into Olivia's room tonight to get things ready for bed and I see this on the floor.

A cute little Calico Critters cat with a ballerina dress from another doll set and look, someone put a barrette on the back for wings:).  Olivia had found that barrette on the floor earlier today and I told her to take it upstairs.  I guess she did, and probably gave it to one of her sisters.  It obviously didn't find a home in the barrette drawer, but I'm thinking I like where it did find a home.  I'm a sucker for "cute" and I needed this tonight!

And finally, how to tell if you're an Army Wife.  You know you are if part of your going to bed routine is to get your cell phone and your home phone and put them on your bed, just in case someone tries to reach you.

Each and every night I sleep with both.  I never know which line Richard will use (the one through Fort MacPherson or one of the many through Fort Bragg) so I have both phones just in case.  Today, I stopped a garage door man and asked him to come look at our doors and give me a quote for openers.  LONG STORY about why we are the ONLY people on our street who do NOT have a garage door opener (that functions).  Anyway, it is our next project to fix, (which means it is my project to fix:)), so today when I saw a garage door company at another house, I stopped and asked him to stop by and look at ours.  He came right away and started actually fixing it ... for free:).  YEAH.  But I had no idea that he was going to be here as long as he was and I just didn't think about my phone in the van.   So, naturally, Richard calls.  I was so upset that I missed him, until I heard his message and he said, "Just checking in to see how your day was calling.  So, I came all the way over here to call you. ..."  BLAAAAAAAHH!!  Poor guy:(.

Goodnight to you all.  I'm leaving everything undone tonight and finding my book and my favorite spot and curling up and calling it a day early.  Sleep will do me well tonight.

To my wonderful, Patterson asked today if it'll be Christmas when you come home.  My first response was "no, he'll be home way before that."  But as I thought about it, you know, I guess it will be just like Christmas:).

I love you.
I'm proud of you.
I'm praying for you.

Looking forward to having you home and hearing all of the wonderful stories you always have to tell!

To God be the Glory.


  1. Oh MK...I so get the phone thing. I still do this even though we're not in the Army anymore. There is never a night that Scott is gone that I don't have both phones on the nightstand. Thinking of you and missing Richard for you. All our love.

  2. that sweet discovery of the calico critter with a barrette for wings is so precious!