Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Things

So this week has been a little easier sans Daddy.  Don't get me wrong, it is non-stop around here and having the girls by my side is a lot.  Feeding them, teaching them, taking them here and there. Except for when I run, I have someone asking me something, or needing me for something from 630 until 830/900 every day.  It is tiring.  Good, but tiring.  Looking forward to him coming home soon.

*note* he received his orders today and forwarded them to me*it is now definite, in just a few months we'll start roughly 18 months of life apart**God has a plan and it is good*Jeremiah29.11*

Our week this week has been filled with all sorts of happy things.
Here are a few ...

chilly mornings
hot chocolate :)
bike rides
lots of outside time

hearing Olivia squeal with delight and realizing she's seeing for the first time the wind blowing the leaves through the yard :)

handmade notes and cards and pictures to me from my girls

hearing my girls tell me that they prayed for my running
seeing the girls helping each other
listening to them recite poems they learned in school
playing tag
starting a fun halloween craft (I'll post more when we're finished)

receiving a surprise package from a fellow blogger

winning this drawing over at this blog :):):):):)
hearing Kate say "sneakers" over and over again and giggling because she thinks it's a funny word
reconnecting with several friends that I've lost contact over the years
the excitement of "pajama day" at preschool

long runs and short runs
meeting a new homeschool mom at dance class
and a letter ... last but not least, a letter to me from the desert

it didn't say much, but it was a letter
something in my hand that had been in his hand ... just the happy thing I needed

I'm seeing again and again how God provides for every need we have.

To my soldier, how about a hardy round of "put on your boots, boots, boots and parachutes, chutes, chutes ..." (you know you're smiling!!)
I love you so much.
"All The Way!"

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  1. wow, mk, this is the post i was waiting for - 18 months of deployment? that is a life that I just don't know, I wish I could offer some support or comfort - but please know I will be praying for all 7 of you ...
    and, of course, the note from parker? the photo of you and smiley kate? the letter from richard? worth a thousand words ...