Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Always Something!

Okay, so my adventures flying solo are still continuing.  
I was supposed to go back home again this weekend.  Bama plays Florida in Tuscaloosa, and there was an RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) alumni reunion.  I'm still trying to catch up from my last trip home and Richard leaving and thought that staying here might be the best thing to do.  I needed to clean ... really clean and the girls needed to have a full week of school and not have Momma busy packing and unpacking again.  Plus, I needed to get some rest!  Trying to keep up with the girls and manage their schedules, as well as train for the race is a bit to juggle ... not to mention that I never sleep well when Richard is away.  

SO OF COURSE Olivia wakes up before 4 this morning crying.  And  you've not heard crying until you hear Olivia cry.  Long story short, I was up with her and down with her over and over a little too early for my late night last night (my fifth night in a row!!).  I was hoping to run a nice slow long run this morning, but instead found myself driving all over looking for a place that would see her with my wonderful Tricare PRIME (grrrrrrrr that has never affected us until now).  All in all I found a place (and an ice skating rink, too!!) and she is fine for now.  I was told something could be coming, but they don't know what.  Since she kept saying "ouch" the doctor told me to just give her tylenol, which she (Olivia) says, "No.  I don't want to drink it.  It doesn't taste good."  G.R.E.A.T!!!

However, my other four girls did wonderful here at 57 while I was out and about.  They did all their chores, were dressed and had their hair brushed.  The house was not destroyed and they were even moving things in the garage from the side with the opener to the side without it so that I could use the opener now that it was fixed and actually drive in the garage.  How sweet was that?

God is good.

I'm finishing up some coffee ... don't know when I'll run, but hopefully will get that in today.
I need to spend some time with the girls now.  I hear HE playing her electric guitar in the basement and last I looked, Patterson was outside pestering the neighbor as he was putting up his Halloween directions.  I'd better go and check in on that situation:).

All in all, hanging in there and going with the punches!
Enjoy these images from our day yesterday ...

Dropped this one off at school.  She detests socks, so her "rebellion" is to pull them up, "just like Welloweez (that's Eloise)."  If she only knew how cute that is!  It almost makes me pull out socks so I can her her say Eloise's name that way:). 

The others worked on school ...

and took care of their baby ...

and made videos of various things they've memorized in school for their Daddy.

Then came Farmer John's ... it is just a road side stand, but when I first looked at this area, I saw it and it was covered with pumpkins.  I was SOLD on the area.  (yes, that is how much of a sucker I am for pumpkins!!)  When I went back to KS, I told the girls about it and they squealed in excitement.  They look forward to going now every year.  It is fun to create new memories everywhere we move:).

I love this of Kate trying to pose!!  Ha!! Look at that leg:).

And my sweet Olivia ... I could pinch her:).

Parker was fascinate with this wind catcher thing.  Not really sure why ...

And there is the pumpkin we'll carve!  I'll buy more later ... I like to keep them out through Thanksgiving.  I feel like it always gets shafted!

Our back yard ... signs of Fall are definitely here.

Above and below are some things the girls bring in from outside for me:).  I love it!

And finally ... I'm at a stop light yesterday and look what I see ... EGG HUNT!!!  
It ended up being the backside of a garage sale sign, but I'm sure many wondered whey it was there on the first day of October:).

Thankful for another day.


  1. Your girls are so precious! I could Eat Olivia alive!!!! You made beautiful arrangements from the plants your girls brought in to you! I usually get weeds...LOL...lots of them, especially the "pretty yellow flowers Mommy"! All the same it comes from the heart!

  2. love those stripey socks ;-)
    And the fact that the girls had moved all the garage stuff over to one side? priceless!