Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Than a Trophy

The closer I get to the ten miler, the more difficult to "finish strong" it is. I am almost totally unmotivated. I think I know it's about to be over and Richard's about to be home ... the "end" always just makes me want to curl up in bed. Whether it's a deployment or a race or a move or any big event, there is always the early anticipation stage, then the middle anxious/high stress stage and finally the "it's almost over, I've done what I can do, so whatever happens will be okay" stage. I'm in that final stage. There was a 5K in our neighborhood today. I didn't particularly want to run in it, but I needed a run and the race was on part of my route. So, I decided last minute to participate. I arrived 7 minutes before the start, registered, then ran. To my surprise, I was the first female to finish! I had a really good run time and just enjoyed the race and festivities. But I enjoyed my girls being there the most. I love those girls. They believe in me, even when I don't and even without my asking them to. They are my little cheerleaders:). They are super. After dinner Patterson mentioned to Hanson Ellis that she had learned all of a certain song she was working on in choir. Hearing my girls sing always make me tear up. Richard tells me I'm emotional. I know I am, and I know inside he's tearing up, too. :) Running across a finish line is fun and a blessing for sure, and getting a medal is even better. But this, this video is what brings me the most joy. My girls ... growing up and learning that their happiness is to be found in Christ.

note, if Patterson is looking a little hillbilly to you, she has a tooth that would probably come out if she would at least just think about wiggling it. But Patterson is not a nail-biting, tooth wiggling kind of girl.
(and at this point, I SOOOOOO wish she was)


  1. Good job on the run. Way to go.
    And I love Patterson's singing. She is such a cutie. All your girls are.
    Missed seeing you this morning.
    Love you.

  2. way to go, MK, what a fantastic finish!! And it's funny, but I too get emotional when I hear my girls sing ... to me, they have the voices of angels ;-)

  3. Oh my heavens. That just did it for me too! Wow. Oh yeah and by the way, CONGRATULATIONS!!