Friday, July 15, 2011

It's a Girl's World

Kate and Olivia participated in an Angelina Ballerina Camp this week.  I almost changed my mind about it.  None of the other girls did anything like this at such an early age.  It's funny, the more kids I have the less money we have for the extras like this, yet the more need for extras like this there seems to be.  The only reason I signed them up initially was because their Daddy was gone and it gets lonely and because their older sisters were going to camp and I wasn't sure if I would need a carrot to dangle to get them (and me) through the week without them.  They were surprisingly fine without their older sisters, and I hyperventilate a little whenever I spend money:), so I almost cancelled their enrollment.

However last week we were just super busy and the whole week was so out of sync and just full of "yuck" and I therefore never got around to making that phone call.  I'm so glad I didn't.  This week was so much fun for them and definitely worth every penny.  I had to post the videos for their Daddy and Gran and Poppa.  The songs crack me up!  So girly.  I can't help but think of my nephews who would just be mortified to not only be in this sort of camp, but to just be in the room today!  :) So, so funny how different boys and girls are.  I love it!

Here they are ... Rainbow Connection and Circle of Friends.  I can hear Richard's laughter at the titles already!

and just b/c I love the way photos look here as opposed to how they look on FB ... (one day I'll get my flickr acct updated ... and btw we had a slight accident just as we were walking out the door this morning so we were late and I got the "here you can stand in the doorway" spot, so my photos are all from the side)

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