Sunday, July 24, 2011


As I sit here waiting to make sure little ones settle down in their beds, I'm enjoying having a moment to think about the upcoming week.  In five days I will go to bed prepared to wake up to a day ... to a period of time that I once thought was so far away.  As I sit here, I think about all the many, many events we've had here at 57 leading up to this.  I think about how a short period of time seemed like such an eternity at the beginning, and I think about how I just couldn't envision then the now.  Life is like that sometimes.  And you know, I think that's good.  As I sit here I think about when I took the above snapshot.  I remember that moment.  I remember how badly I wanted Richard to be home that day.  (I took this on a Saturday ... my last post will explain.)  As I sit here and think about getting to climb in bed next to Richard (as opposed to my cell phone) for more than a couple of nights, I can't help but take a moment to remember all of the moments I felt like the hill I was climbing only kept increasing in it's steepness.  Well, come to think of it, I still think that hill is pretty darn steep, but as I sit here, I can look back on the little that I've climbed and see so clearly how God has made the climb a success thus far.  I feel good about being at the mile marker that I am and I'm happy to be moving forward to the next one! 

I had a tough couple of hours today ... just so frustrated with so much.
I have to say that I have the best SIL in the world!  Rebecca had sent me a couple of texts and ended up calling me and we talked for quite some time.  I am so thankful for her.  I am thankful for her listening ear and I am thankful that despite all the craziness going on in my world, she downloads on me, too!  I LOVE that.  Love it!  How refreshing to know that she knows I need to get things off my chest and mind, but that I need to be a part of other's lives, too.  While so many seem to take a step back as to not "put more on my plate," Rebecca is always there.  As I sit here, I think about what  blessing that moment on the phone with her was today.  I'm thankful for that moment and I'm thankful for the tough moments that open my eyes all the more to the gift of the good moments!  

Thank you Lord for providing for me and for a moment to think about how you sustain me the way that you do.

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