Thursday, July 21, 2011


  (Hanson Ellis engrossed in decorating a box that would be mailed out to a soldier during one of her Daddy's deployments.)

I might need to clear up something from last night. 
So in regards to my "AA" reference ...
I think it was good for them to be around other military kids again, but unlike AA meetings, they weren't given any real solutions and that was my point.   I hope I did not come across as harsh towards AA meetings, I just wasn't looking for rehab for my girls ... they didn't go to camp with issues ... they didn't need any help to overcome anything.  As my older daughter put it once a couple of months after we moved to GA, "Momma, I kind of miss being around other military kids.  You know, when we lived on Post, everyone was different and it was so easy to just be yourself.  Here I feel like everyone's kind of the same.  That can be tricky when you're the one that's different." So really for her it was good to be in that environment that the baseline for everyone was that their were military kids.  For my other two, just knowing, "hey, these kids are living without a parent too and they're having fun" ... that was all they needed.  I know there are kids who have had huge issues to deal with as far as deployments are concerned.  I hope they get all the support they need.  But my girls were/are fine and I would have felt terrible if they would have come home scared to death about what their Daddy could face.  For Richard and me, we've never really spent a whole lot of time focusing on his leaving or really even that he's gone or that this, this or this could happen.  I think it is good for us to be as prepared as possible for the worst, but we don't want our girls to miss a beat of life worrying about the "what if's" or spend their life focusing on how "sad" it is that their Daddy is deployed.  We discuss issues as needed and encourage them through Scripture and prayer but we mostly just try to let them focus on life.  
I hope that makes a little more sense.  I am flying solo here with five.  I'm not really sure exactly what purpose this blog has:), but I know it is not something that is meant to suck up my time.  I'm great with numbers and with my hands, but words ... I love them, but they can be more my foe than friend.  I blog late at night and I type at an amazing rate of speed:).  I am thankful that someone mentioned the similarities they saw in the camp and in the AA meeting!  I'm glad I could (hopefully) clarify a bit.  I think this camp was more for fun than for extreme need of counseling.  And they do, btw, ask a lot of questions in the application process ... My guess is that maybe there is another place ... a better venue for those really struggling.  
My conversation with Hanson Ellis (my 13 year old) was more to illustrate a point and to seize an opportunity to remind her of who she is.  I think I've mentioned before that ever since she was little we have this exchange before dropping her off somewhere.  It goes like this ... 
Me, "Remember Who You Are!"  
HE, "I will!"  
Me, "Who are you?"  
HE, "A Child of God."  
Me, "What does that mean?"  
HE, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 
(and this exchange is known to be had between Richard and myself, too!!)

Goodnight you all!
To God be the Glory.

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