Friday, October 14, 2011


There's this great little roadside produce stand at the corner of a major intersection by a gas station.  When I was looking for houses before moving here, I passed it and saw all of the pumpkins scattered about and knew I had to find a house near there, because it was the cutest pumpkin patch I'd ever seen.  We've gone there the past two years that we've lived here.  This year, however, I decided I wanted to go back to a real pumpkin patch like we used to when the girls were little.  You know, one out in the country with hay rides and a corn maze and apple cider and a gift shop and most importantly, pumpkins to pick right off the vine. We've been so crazy busy that I've just not had a chance to make the drive, but I was determined this week to check this off our list.  So today when I picked Kate up from school, we made the forty five minute trek. We get there and no one's there.  There's a corn maze, but it was too long for the little ones.  The hay rides and vending, etc., didn't open for another three more hours ... but at least there was a pumpkin patch.  Right?

I found someone working there and asked where the pumpkin patch was.  They motioned around the corner.  The girls and I proceeded forward, turned the corner and saw the most pathetic batch of pumpkins we had ever seen.  Kate and Olivia didn't care:), but Hanson Ellis commented, "Let's just get a small one since we drove all this way, then go by Farmer John's (the curbside market I mentioned) and get one to carve."  My thoughts exactly.

It was classic MK moment.  Oh well.  It was a beautiful drive at least!!

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