Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ode to Mother

We bought a refurbished macbook for the girls to use the night before we said our last goodbye to Richard.  Hanson Ellis and Parker both have online classes this year and so it's just nice to have an extra computer as well as to not have everyone in our room all day long.  The girls have had so much fun sending me emails from upstairs and making videos.  
One morning last week I woke up to a sheet of music stuck to the coffee cabinet.  The piece was titled "Ode to Mother."  I'm thinking to myself, "What is this?!" Of course life can get away from you very fast with five kids when you're flying solo.  Tonight I get an email with audio of the music attached.  Sweet thing, she was determined I was going to hear this song she wrote for me:).  

Missing Richard so much, but I'm in pretty good hands with my girls.  Super proud of my first teenager.  She is definitely my right hand many times.  Love her quiet strength and joy.  So many days we have spent keeping each other company over the years while her Daddy has been gone.  

This song is quiet, peaceful and thoughtful.  More of a reflection of who she is rather than of me. 
(and the fret is split on her guitar, so excuse the out of tune sound at times ... it's because of that)

A great way to end my day.
Love her ...