Friday, April 13, 2012

Crazy in Love

You know what's great about a deployment? You are reminded of what it's like to be crazy in love.
The above is a little something I made for my soldier last night before bed.

The below is the front of a Green Beans coffee sleeve that he saved from a COJ (cup of joe) he purchased in Bagram.  He wrote a note on the back:).  

The next photo is his latest to me.  
He always draws a heart.

Yes, I am 38 and he is 42.  
We have been in love since the ages of 19 & 23 ... and we still act like we just met.  

Love and miss my soldier, but thankful for the sweetness of appreciation that we've come to find amidst difficulty of separation.  I treasure every bit of it!  
And I hope you are treasuring the gift of your marriages, too.  
They will never be perfect, but they truly are gifts that none of us deserve.

If you haven't in a while, take a moment to remember what it was like when you first met.  
Now do what you would have done then ...
If you do, you'll be blessed! 


  1. Just found your beautiful blog. Absolutely true. Everytime he deploys I remember that someone, in celebrating our engagement, once said, "serving has a way of making weak marriages weaker but luckily it also make strong marriages stronger." :)

  2. You doing okay, hon??!! Thought about you and prayed. :)

  3. Not a comment, but a question. Where did you get your ACU bracelet made?

  4. Linda, I made it from the strap that went around his kevlar:).