Sunday, June 17, 2012



When I see those smiling faces above, I am once again reminded of how it is only by God's grace that we've survived the last 14 months.  I have honestly never been through anything as hard as this time apart from Richard.  I am humbled beyond words that God loves the seven of us so much.  In all our sinfulness and times of faithlessness, He never wavers in His provisions and in His care.  We are not deserving, yet God continues to pour abundantly into our cups that are already overflowing.

We still have two months left until Richard returns home.  Please continue to pray for patience and perseverance for the girls and me as we try to finish unpacking and settling into our new home and life in Kansas in preparations for their Daddy's return.  And please continue to pray for safety for Richard, as it matters not to the enemy that his time is almost up.

More to come ...