Monday, February 15, 2010

A friend for Kate

This is Kate's first year in a Mother's Morning Out group.  She is in a sweet class of  7 boys and only 2 other girls.  This is quite the switch from her time spent hanging around The Davenport School (which, as you all know, is an all girl prep school ... okay, well maybe not a real prep school, but that sounded nice, so I threw it in).  Being in a class with a high ratio of boys, the probability of her creating a bond with a boy, as opposed to a girl, is pretty high.  And this she has done.   Trey and "Kate the Great" are truly best friends (as best of friends 3 year olds can be).  They are a precious little team and have formed quite a bond.  Today Trey had his birthday party at a local indoor jumping facility (which would be a phenomenal idea for our basement if we were permanent party here!!!).  The party was highly anticipated by Kate and I was a little over protected anxiously hoping that Trey would actually care that she came.  I know, I know ... I need to relax a little, but the mother hen instinct .... OH!  the mother hen instinct:).  As soon as we arrived the two found each other and were not apart for more than a minute or two the whole duration of the party.  I even saw Trey stop running and help Kate off a jumpy thing without her even asking ... just because she was a girl, I guess.  VERY sweet moment to witness.  Yes, there IS hope in the world:).  I'm glad Kate has found a friend ... a true first friend.  Now if she can only teach him to say "Roll Tide!" (*note, while he is completely adorable, that little orange windbreaker that he wears with a big capital T just has to go.  HA!)

So now I enter this post quickly as I drink a much overdue cup of coffee.  (Is there anyone out there besides Momma and me that can drink coffee to wake up in the morning and to fall asleep at night?!)  I'm finished and I think my oldest is reading by the fire still.  I hear the pages turning every now and then.  Makes my heart smile.  I'm going to go join her and read another chapter of Mary Poppins Comes Back.  Our current shared book.  I wonder how long I'll have one to share with her ... hopefully always.  

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  1. Oh how I so love your mothering instincts. YOur posts always bring a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. If only we could protect these babies forever. You are so wonderful. I thank God for picking you to be their wonderful mommy.
    Amy Brock