Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Super Bowl

Okay, so it is Super Bowl Sunday.  As I came downstairs tonight from reading to and praying with and tucking in five sweet girls, I took a deep breath and headed toward what awaited me in the kitchen.  As I unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it ... swept the floor and cleaned off the counters ... gathered up miscellaneous toys and books and put them in their place, I thought about the game and about my husband.  I'm sure he had a nice evening catching it with a few of the people he's with in FL.  Hmmmm ... my night/his night ... no further comments:).  

My Super Bowl was the BCS National Championship game.  I decided it was an appropriate night to post some of my favorite memories.  

Goodnight and Roll Tide.
I love you Richard and I can't wait to have you home again!
(oh and GO SAINTS!!)

the start of our trip to Pasadena ... 
a very early flight + a lot of anticipation = one tired BAMA man

happy now that we are there and the game is about to begin

victory + a flight home = :)

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