Sunday, February 14, 2010


The predictions were right.  Snow came to Georgia.  I'd put an exclamation, but it is the middle of  February and for a Southern girl, snow in February can be a bit hard to get completely excited about.  UNLESS, that is, you are 11 and under:).  Yes, my girls were thrilled that the it snowed and snowed significantly.  They loved the anticipation, the bustling around at Publix while everyone stocked up for the day or two of hunkering down that was to follow ... for the stack of movies Daddy picked up and the curling up by the fire all together with blankets and each other to watch the movies ... and not to mention all of the hot chocolate, cheese biscuits and other wonderful aromas that filled the house while we were all "snowed in."  Okay, I admit, if it is going to snow (and snow in February) this was the way to go.  It was an absolutely perfect situation.  Four day weekend for Daddy, falling snow the first day, and bright sunshine the next to enjoy playing out in the snow.  It was a lot of fun seeing and hearing our neighbors enjoy the snow, too!  And how could you not have that "feel good" feeling when you see the entire street sledding down Sweet Birch Lane on anything from rafts to boogie boards to rubbermaid box tops??!!  Not to mention the countless number of grown men launching snowballs like they were grenades?

It was a perfect 48 hours.  I must say, I'm glad it snowed.  But I'm also glad it's over:).  

it's starting to snow ...

day two ... sun, fun and friends!!

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