Sunday, February 14, 2010

Who do you love?

I love my best friend.

Okay, so this post could go on and on.  As I looked at over 11,000 images from the past 6 years, I was reminded of ALL sorts of things that I love.  I wanted to include girls in pigtails, hair bows and cowboy hats, ETC., but my afternoon is gone.  Here is my list of "Who I love" (and a little of what I love). 
Happy Valentine's Day!

photos of me and my girls (I don't think I have one with Olivia ... ???)

sweet baby legs in tennis shoes & socks:)

first friends who are still friends

new friends that we miss

friends who always remember to send a Valentine
(Scott you MADE her day!!)

little girls who are turning into big girls
(sniff sniff)

daddys who love their little girls

Daddy's who sacrifice so much ...

friends who invite us over and make us feel special

neighbors next door

sweet boys on swings

cousins and more cousins (and more cousins ... too many to post!!)

sisters who love each other

Grandfathers on tractors

Grans who visit on birthdays

Sister in Laws who paint their toes purple (and take my girls to paint theirs!)

Grammys who do Brain-teasers with their granddaughters

On this Valentine's Day God has reminded  me of all the people that I love.  
And all of these images are images of my life ... the life God has so graciously given me.  
I love my God, the one true God, who loved me first and loves me perfectly.

Who do you love?