Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Day

Nothing about today was the way I wanted it.  Nothing.  I'm as tired as I can possibly be and there are a thousand things left to do right now.  BUT, I just had to sneak away and look through the couple of photos from today and remind myself that while I wasn't where I had planned to be today, while my alternative plans didn't even work out, I was right where God wanted me and it was a happy day.  Patterson walked in from soccer with a milkshake and a smile. "Momma!! We won!  We tied!!"  Sweet little thing ... not really 100% on what did happen, but she knew what didn't ... they didn't lose, and that meant a milkshake and a perfect day in her world.  Kate and Olivia and I got out bubbles and Olivia had her first real experience with them (and of course she licked the wand, as opposed to blowing it!).  Kate enjoyed the BIG bubble wand that I found in the basement.  I honestly can't remember when I purchased it (oh, that basement!), but it was a great find this past week and a lot of fun today.  Okay, my quick break is up.  Now back to my girls.  And thank you all for your prayers for Parker.  As you can see in the last few photos, her hair has been cut and is evened out a bit.  It is still so thin, though, but better.  Her blood tests were fine, so nothing physical seems to be there.  Praise the Lord!  BUT, still wondering what is going on.  I'm thinking now it might be the pool???  Any thoughts on that?  We'd appreciate your continued prayers and I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Very cute hair cut.
    I have prayed for you often, and for Parker. I know you're stressed. I hope you can take a deep breath and get rested.

    Love you guys, see you soon,