Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Easter

We spent Easter alone this year.  Somehow as much as we try, we just haven't found a way to not be so busy around here.  Maybe it is a family of 7 thing ... maybe it is that we just still have so many little ones.  

Richard has been home about 5 months now, but within those 5 months six of us have had a birthday, we've had Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now Easter.  We went to the Rose Bowl, and we've been to SC as well as AL.  So add all of that on top of just our day to day and his hour commute to work and hour commute back ... grad school at night, soccer practice once a week, Wednesday night church and soccer games on Saturday and WHEW! we are a little busy.  There will definitely be some changes NEXT fall:).  

So we woke up this morning, got ourselves dressed, washed three sets of hair, painted toes, ironed clothes (I know, I know we should do this Saturday ... and we used to, but that was when we had a little more time on Saturday and now a days I say I'll do it after the girls go to bed, but I always make the fatal error of sitting down and the ironing is history!!) ... we also packed up a picnic lunch for after church.  Amazingly we were only about 5 min late this morning!  :):):):)  Church was nice, and while that sounds almost trite, it was nice.  I love hearing the word of God preached and I consider it such a privilege to be there with my family ... Richard not deployed, always at least one girl, if not two sitting close beside me and hear the word of God. And I was so thankful for the beautiful weather to enjoy a picnic lunch in the park afterwards.  It was a little surprise for the girls.  And other than the ants and the ground "hurting my (their) feet" and the fact that we set up our little family gathering right smack in the middle of a frisbee golf course (who knew there was such a thing!) it was a great time!  

Much love to you all.  

Sister love above and below.

Our little family.

My sweet HE trying not to smile. 
(She can't do it!!)

Proof that we were smack dab in the middle of a frisbee golf field.
This landed right by us:).

Olivia clapping the eggs together.

Olivia realizing that clapping the eggs cracks them and that something was inside!

Patterson running in a panic from a bee, or something:).
Yes, she's not really the outdoorsy type!!

You're never to old for a good hunt!

Lucie and a handful of FORKS!!!  

One shoe off, the other with strawberry smushed (I don't believe that is really a word:)!) on it.

My heart smiles when Richard pulls out these shoes!

Yes, that would be Olivia on TOP of the cooler!

My Parker.  If I was 8, this would be me:).

Humbly remembering my blessings today!
Thankful for  a Savior who lived so that He could die for me.
The older I get and the clearer my sin is, the more amazing that truly is.

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  1. What a wonderful idea. Maybe we will do that one day after church. I am so glad you had a good time. We were invited to the Knoxes for lunch. Very good time. I loved seeing your pictures. What a wonderful day it was. It was good to see and wave to you at church.