Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break ... Finally

No swim practice.
No dance classes.
No choir practice.
No soccer practice.
No soccer games.
No Mother's Morning Out.
No Davenport School.
No work for Richard.

I'm feeling lazy and I'm loving it.

Today is the start of our Spring Break.  Most of the neighborhood is at the beach or some other place fabulous, I'm sure.  Us, we are soaking in the QUIET in the neighborhood and the joy of just catching up on time with each other.  We do plan to have a couple of little day outings, and Momma and Peggy are coming in town at the end of the week for the Scott's Antique Show (SOOOOOO looking forward to that!) but other than that, we are spending our week at at home at 57.

Richard and I went for a run this morning.  WONDERFUL 67 degree weather.  What a blessing!!  Then he took out the whale pool and filled it up for the girls.  They were looking forward to the slip and slide, but I think I must have thrown that away ... hmmmm ... I can't remember, but I do tend to get rid of things from time to time.   Anyway, I simply couldn't have them feeling disappointed ... not on Spring Break!!  So I took out secret weapon #1.  I 've been saving a box of old cookware that my sister in law's mother very generously passed down to us.  It was what she and her sister (my sister in law's mother and aunt) used to play with when they were little.  My sister in law is an only child and she and my brother have two boys, so I guess she figured we'd get more use out of it than they would.  I've been saving it for probably over a year now.  There just hasn't been a need for something special like that yet.  I'm glad I saved it.  They all dove in and treasured all of the contents of the box one piece at a time.    Even our little "go girl" was captivated and spent record time just sitting and "cooking."

Does Olivia know she's just one?

We have a baby swing.  Olivia is not on it.  Refer back to my first question.
I'm thinking the answer is "apparently not."

Okay, the above is the photo of everyone diving into the box.  All of the rest of the photos are backwards, so if you really want to view them in the order they happened, view from the bottom up.


  1. We, at the Way household, call this a "stay-cation." We do it periodically. We don't answer phones, we do only what we want to do. It usually only lasts for a weekend, but we love to do it. Haven't done that since Steve started his company. He always has that phone on him, and it always rings. "Thank you Lord"
    Perhaps, our families could get together one day and the park. No pressure, just whenever you feel like it. Love looking at your pics.

  2. What a wonderful post with fabulous pictures :)