Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Is it just Tuesday?
Okay, I admit that while I said I was feeling lazy and loving it yesterday, I sort of had a panic attack last night.  Lack of routine is not a long lasting appeal for me.  (and this is both a good and bad thing for my family:)!!)

So today we were up and going strong at our normal early hour.  Richard had a test to take (yes, I forgot to mention that there was one thing that was not on the "no list" yesterday and that is Richard still has his graduate work), and I made sure I was up and dressed and ready with a plan when the girl's awoke.  We headed out to Red Top Mountain.  It is a local state park not far from where we live.  It is full of hiking trails and had a 1 mile long one, which was perfect for our team of hikers.  We were able to borrow a backpack for Olivia (we've had two over the years ... like I said yesterday I do have a tendency to get rid of items from time to time) and I held my breath for Kate the Great.  Patterson was hilarious!!  She is just not one for nature:).  And Kate hung in there until we were about 1/4 of the way back to the van.  Richard then put her on his shoulders ... even though Olivia was also on his back.  I looked at him and thought, "once a Ranger, always a Ranger!"  But then I thought, "no ... once a Daddy, always a Daddy:)!"

It was a sweet fun time.  Simple.  The girls just loved being surrounded by God's creation.  Walking on trails I always just feel engulfed in it!  Very peaceful and lovely.  There were several places where they could skip rocks.  And I do believe they'd still be skipping rocks if we wouldn't have told them to move on!  

As I looked through the photos I realized I had a lot more of Parker than the others.  
My Parker.  
She is a different one, but she is so like me.  I'm glad I had a chance to capture so much of her today.  

All the trees are just now starting to bud.

I wonder how much longer HE will keep bringing this old backpack Richard made her years ago from a fanny pack and some old patches of his:).  Sweet memories.  

I smiled when I saw this.  Parker, holding her shorts up ... as IF they would get wet!!

Olivia was there ... and taking it all in.

One of the many "treasures" they found.  My personal favorite was a red leaf that Kate found and said "Oh! A pretty red leaf, but it's all dirty.  Momma, will you clean it off for me?"  

CLASSIC Hanson Ellis!

How many times has this shadow been there and I've never noticed it?!  


  1. Love the beautiful photos and the stories that follow. Thanks for sharing these--Hugs : )

  2. what a gorgeous day! your family is absolutely precious.....i love the pictures :) and i too am watching the budding trees daily waiting for their full beauty to burst!