Thursday, June 24, 2010

Because We Could

We made a stop here for the weekend.

It isn't often that we have the opportunity to go home for Father's Day, so we decided to seize that opportunity this year while we had it.  It was as much of a treat for us as I'm sure it was for Daddy to get to see him and go to church with him this past weekend.   Daddy is quiet.  Daddy is simple.  Daddy loves God and has a heart for Him that is very real and sweet.  You can check out his website and his books here.  I love my Daddy and enjoyed seeing him this weekend.   But my one regret?  Of all the images I captured, not ONE was with him.  Can you believe??!!!  I'll get him next time:).  For now, enjoy these captured moments of some of the things we like to do when we go to Tuscaloosa.  

In the 15 months we've driven this route home, I've never seen a train on these tracks!  We were thrilled to see this train, and it reminded us of our days in KS.  There was this long train track that we used to drive alongside when we lived in KS.  The girls used to beg us to roll the windows down so they could hear the train on the track.  When we saw this train we instantly rolled the windows down, thinking, "This will be like old times!"  To our surprise the train blew it's whistle and scared Olivia to death ... yes, the fun was over:)!!

Momma had homemade ice cream waiting on us when we arrived!!

Blurry image, but a sweet captured moment in my mind.  The girls love the slip and slide at their Gran's!

Whose big girls are those??? :(

Even Ellie enjoyed her little vacation to 2 Windsor Drive.

Hanson Ellis taught herself to play the piano and loves going to Momma's so that she can play on the one my brother and I played.  And no matter what she is doing, whether it be playing the piano or doing her math in school, Olivia always seems to find her and climb up beside her:).

And of course, Hanson Ellis always finds her favorite chair at Momma's and sneaks off to get lost in a book.

Nothing like a little Beauty Shop with Gran!

We always enjoy walking along the beautiful Black Warrior River.

Patterson and her roly poly.

We stopped at a local antique shop that is one of Momma's favorite and they had a new little kitten.  Of all the things to see there, this was our favorite!

Then we were off to downtown Northport.  I love this one little street ... such a time gone by gem!

We made a stop in this shop, which was not much bigger than Momma's dining room.  A very overwhelming 20 minutes for me and the shop owner:)!  Each girl was allowed ONE thing.  Patterson picked the cleaning set.  Her comment on the way back to GA in regards to the set, "Now I can be like Snow White!"  Who would have thought??

Lunch at Mellow Mushroom in downtown Tuscaloosa.  I love being on University Campuses!! (especially this one ... ROOOOOOLLLLLLLL TIDE!)

And finally, more fun times at Gran's.

I still can't believe I didn't get ONE photo of Daddy.  Definitely next time!
I love you Daddy.  So happy to get to see you this weekend!!

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  1. so THIS is where you've been! I enjoy your photo journaling so much, this was a wonderful post - GREAT photos, as always ... thanks!