Friday, June 25, 2010

Feeling Crafty

I've been sneaking away every second I can and diving into the internet in search of all sorts of things to make our 2010/2011 school year PERFECT.  (and no one is allowed to comment on that last word ... I am confident that after last year's near disaster, coupled with my determination or bullheadedness, whichever you prefer, this next year is going to be the year to remember ... or not, but at least I'm trying to be optimistic!!)   Part of my searching has been for crafts to do throughout the school year.  I have this link on my homepage and if you haven't clicked it yet, you are missing out.  I absolutely LOVE this craft blog.  It is like the whole craft blogging world in one place!  I could get lost for hours, HOURS I SAY, clicking on one project and then another and then another.  Great stuff is to be found.  Seriously.

Yesterday I came across these little cardboard dolls and then found this great craft on cardboard fractions, which OH SO THRILLED my mathematician's heart ... so this morning I thought, "how about grabbing that empty diaper box out in the garage and making a barn", which led to animals and then a farmer ... and we had fun, but I will admit, dolls would have been easier, quicker and just as entertaining:).  If you know me, you are fully aware of my slight tendency to be extreme in all situations at all times.  It is draining, and I assure you not a personality trait anyone should ever wish to have.  (and if Richard actually reads this, it wouldn't surprise me if he left an affirmative comment!)  But I will admit, my extremism has made for, if nothing less, an interesting life ... one that is full of adventures and as much as I might like to shake my extremism (as Richard would call it) I just can't stop myself most of the time.

I've made a mini playlist for your enjoyment if you wish to make your own diaper box barn.

Old McDonald, Ella Fitzgerald
Farm, Imagination Movers
Pig On Her Head, Laurie Berkner

These songs are sure to have you in a barn making mood in no time!

1. Get your diaper box and have your 12yr old put that Swiss Army Knife she got for her birthday to good use.

2. Go get The Animals of Farmer Jones off the bookrack in the nursery.

3. Sit a minute and delight in the illustrations found in great children's books.

4. Have the same 12yr old start making the box into a barn.

5. Find your 8yr old to draw farm animals.

6. Be amazed at the progress of your 12yr old.

7. Assemble the barn.

8. Have your 6 year old start coloring the animals.

9. Wash your 3 year old's hair and then let her color some animals, too.

10. Return to your 12 year old.  Watch her intensity as she cuts out the doors and windows.

11. Take some cute photos of your 3 year old playing with the farmer.

12.  Now take some photos of her playing with the chickens.

13.  And let's not forget to photograph her with the pig!  
(she likes this little activity, can't you tell?!)

14.  Oh, look!  Here comes the 6 year old wanting her photograph taken with a chicken.

15.  And just when things get going, tell your 3 year old it's nap time, and consequently brake her heart. :(

16.  Leave the barn on the table and enjoy trying to guess what you're husband will say when he walks in the front door from work.


  1. ADORABLE!!!!!!!! You have more fun that I do. Glad you had a good time. A perfect activity for a steaming hot day. You are so good!!!!

  2. I'm pretty impressed with your cardboard barn. What a fun crafty momma you are! Have you been homeschooling for a while or was last year your first year? My hubby wants me to homeschool our boys but I am still trying to warm up to the idea. To tell you the truth I am a little terrified and not sure if I am at all cut out to homeschool. I guess it would be ideal for our family if we decide to stay in the military for the long haul. Are ya'll in for a while? Just curious. We are going back and forth on that right now but need to decide one way or the other pretty soon. Would love to hear your thoughts on military life with a family. :)

  3. geez, it turned out SO CUTE!! Love the step by step narrative ... and the photos are beautiful!!

  4. I just went to the crafty crow website, you need to send her a picture of your barn. The says she would love to see pictures. Maybe she'll put it on the site. I think it's great.

  5. you have yourself some cute little farmhands :) what a fun craft day!!!

  6. Very, very cute! I'm a big fan of the Draw Write Now series too and this is a great way to extend the material :)