Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Girl's Best Friend

My Patterson.  She asked me last week if I knew what her house was going to look like when she grew up.  I replied with "Pink?" She responded with "NO!  A barn!!"  Apparently, she is spot on with her dreams.  Patterson belongs on a farm.  She really does.  Patterson needs lots and lots of open space to run free, AND SHE NEEDS A DOG TO RUN ALONG BESIDE HER.  

Richard's father has several dogs (as well as horses and cats ... yes, Patterson is in sheer bliss when we visit), but the dog in this photo belongs to the tennis player from Colombia who rents their guest house.  This dog is Andy, and this dog and Patterson were friends from the moment her boots hit the gravel drive ... last Thanksgiving:).  The renter of the guest house, Edgar, and his wife Bebe, were at the hospital having their second daughter when we arrived.  
Patterson gladly took care of Andy for them all weekend. 

We don't have a dog.  
We don't need one ...
but, there is one little girl who would be very happy if we did.  


  1. I just found your page through the BBTN site and I HAD TO comment! Your pictures are amazing!!! Love these with the puppy! Just precious!

  2. This is precious! Patterson is such an adorable child!! I love her spirit! The boots are great! Are you shooting on auto or manual with your camera? I think your photography is awesome!!

  3. OMGsh! That last picture!!! It looks like it came out of a magazine!

    Get that girl a dog, mama!!!!! :)

  4. Okay, Laura ... I couldn't find you so I will respond here. First, thank you for stopping by! And second, ummmm I am CLUELESS with my camera, really!! I usually shoot in auto, but sometimes I try manual and sometimes I hit the dial (or one of my girls do) and so it is in who knows what mode ... I am going to find time to learn what I'm doing this summer ... even if it is just learning about one thing. Thank you for your praise:). It is encouraging!!