Thursday, June 24, 2010

One More Thing About Momma's

Momma has magazines.  Whenever I go home, I can't wait to grab a cup of coffee, go to this room

and sit and talk and flip through all of the magazines Momma has collected since my last visit.  I used to get magazines.  Wait, let me rephrase.  I used to get magazines for me.  Now, our mailbox is full of magazines for all the little people (babybug, ladybug, high five, highlights, cricket, hidden picture puzzle, which way usa, top secret, american girl, etc.).  My only style exposure magazines come from anthropologie, pottery barn and serina and lily.  Basically, the free stuff:).  But at Momma's ... oh the options are always endless.

While thumbing through this weekend, I found these pages in the April issue of Country Living. 

I remember several bloggers participating in a link up on the one room that defined their style. I was impressed that so many people can narrow it down. I guess I've really neglected focusing on our home over the years. Not intentionally, mind you, but I have just had to put all that aside for various reasons. The blogging world has been such a good motivator, encourager and inspiration for me to begin to start tackling that part of life again. I loved Kacy's house. Such a home. I loved how the photos showed how they lived. All the beds were not made ... food was on the table (real food that they would actually eat! not something brought in to "show" the place). I found myself just studying the images ... every millimeter of them. I'd like to think that if I were settled ... if I had a minute to think (really think), then I would probably say that my style would be very similar to the Hughes. A stylish home. A beautiful home. A home filled with memories.  

A beautiful home and a beautiful family!  She's got my five girls and two boys, too.

I really like the green beds.

If you think you recognize Kayce, maybe you are familiar with her woman's and children's clothes line.  You can check her blog out here and her merchandise here.  


  1. Hi again, MK! Thanks for visiting ... I agree completely, American Girl magazine is wonderful - I'll have to check that Addison Wesley reading program you were talking about!
    I'm so glad you posted about Kayce's article above ... she is amazing, isn't she? Believe it or not, I went to high school with her - she was as talented then as she is now - and her personality is just as relaxed and warm as it appears in print! Glad you're a fan!!
    See you soon ...

  2. I missed that article and wow, I am with you! I love it. Beautiful but not forced or contrived, just a wonderful place to call HOME!