Sunday, June 6, 2010

Random With a Point

Richard likes to ask me how life is in the "blogosphere."  Is that a real word/phrase?  Have any of you heard of it?  Well, anyway, I'd have to say life is just about as "perfect" as can be in the blogosphere.  People doing amazing things ... creating the perfect kitchens and living rooms ... fabulous parties and get- togethers that almost seem to come directly from a page in a Pottery Barn or Martha Stewart catalog.  Yes, grass in the blogosphere just seems to be a tad bit greener than life anywhere else.  I have to admit, I'm usually pretty inspired by what I come across.  I tend to even get a little hyper planning my next big "project" based off of whatever discovery I just made while in the blogosphere. But then there are those times where I feel like my life is anything but worthy enough to have a place in the blog world.  And it's not out of competition,  but just is.  

I ran a 10K this weekend.  This was only my second race and my first 10K.  It was for the Wounded Warrior Foundation and I ran in honor of SSG Christofer T. Curtis.  He is the brother of the wife of the Youth Pastor at our church here in GA.  I had plans to run this race way back in February.  He was in a crash in Afghanistan in April.  I decided I'd pray for him as I ran and focus on the blessing of life by thinking of him as I ran.  I did okay in the run.  I stayed pretty true to my pace the first half, and slightly over my pace the second half.  It was a hard race ... very hot that morning (GA humid hot) and lots of inclines and hills and (my least favorite) we had to run the course twice.  I was very discouraged after the race for my time.  I'm not sure why, but I was, and it sort of surprised me that I was.  

I'm learning a lot lately about how thrilling it can be to have goals and dreams and work towards them to make them a reality, but that when we achieve them we don't necessarily feel the way we thought we'd feel.  I suppose there are many reasons for that ... both good and bad.  I'm just past the revelation stage of that and sort of hanging out in the pondering stage for awhile.  You know, I may not ever have the house of my dreams, or have my house look the way I see it in my head.  I may not be that creative mom who leaves the neighborhood chattering over the amazing birthday party I just threw for one of my girls.  Homeschooling may never be what it once was years ago when things weren't quite so hectic (and when I was much younger:)!!!).  B.U.T things are good and I am learning that I not only have more than what I need, I don't always need what I want or enjoy it once I get it.  And maybe this is not all that profound a statement, but it is something that I am really having to learn right now and not just throw around in words.  And I am okay with that ... 99.99% of the time.  

The above image is of Kate swinging.  I took it the other day while laying on the ground behind her.  It is blurry, I know, but it reminds me so much of life.  Life is quick, not always what you'd expect, sometimes a little blurry, but wonderful and filled with joy all the same.  You just have to stop and take it in ... from all sorts of angles and perspectives ... and you have to embrace it or it's gone.  

It is officially summer now and while I'm thrilled, my heart is braking ever so slightly.  My girls will be in 7th, 3rd and 1st grade in August, and the younger two will be 2 and almost 4.  We're closing some chapters this summer.The story is captivating and while I find it hard to put down, I don't want it to end too soon.  

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