Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday, but Still the Weekend

Okay, it's Thursday and I am still posting about the weekend!!  Crazy.  I'm really ready to move on, but honestly so much happened I just feel I have to "document it" somehow or I'll never remember. Tonight I just picked some random images to post ... I have so many story lines that I could follow, but I have my first 10K on Saturday and I'm exhausted from the weekend activities and some pretty hard runs the last three nights, so I'm hoping to hop in bed a little earlier than usual.  SO, enjoy the random tonight:).  I hope you can see the moments of quiet, laughter, chaos and love in all of these.  Life is truly amazing!  I hope you are all capturing it and recording it in your own way.  

"Give Thanks to the Lord, For He is Good ... "
Psalm 107:1

And that is a wrap for this very amateur photographer!
We'll end with a self portrait of what I probably looked like all weekend:).
To God be the Glory,


  1. MK-
    these are AMAZING!!! i need some lessons from you!! what photo editing software do you use? love the colors!

  2. Your photos are really great! I especially love the top three. You have such a great eye for photography. :)

  3. The picture with the little boy lying by the pool is one of the BEST pictures I have seen in my entire life! MK!!! Awesome!!!

  4. Mary Katherine... the pictures are WONDERFUL. Thank you for sharing them. I have to admit... I was secretly hoping you would get some pictures of Clark that I could keep forever... and you did. Thank you!

  5. All of these photos are stunning! My favorite - the daddy hand on the chubby baby belly. :)

  6. Thanks Everyone! Randel, I just use the basic iphoto software that came with our mac that is years old! Nothing extra ... you know me, cheap and broke:):):). Abby, so good to hear from you again! Joy ... that photo of Richard's cousin's little boy (what would he be to me??!) was my favorite of him (and I do have lots more). Jennifer, your favorite was my favorite overall, too. I think it speaks so much of life and love and a moment frozen in time. Thank you all again for your very gracious comments. They totally surprised me!

  7. MK, I so want your camera. Or one like it. I love all your pictures. Always. I love the one of the little boy by the pool. That is adorable. Looks like you had a wonderful time.
    And you may be an amatuer, but you are very good.