Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Beautiful Testimony

While we're on the topic of blogs ...
Have you heard of this blog?  I found it via this blog.
I am not Mormon, but this is a beautiful testimony.
Watch it.
You will cry.
You will smile.
You will have a different day because of it.
To God be the Glory.


  1. I love nieniedialogues, she's amazing! I first learned of the nielson family last year when they were interviewed on Oprah - so inspiring, it's incredible isn't it?

  2. Sloan!! I would have loved to catch that Oprah episode. I'm sure there wasn't a dry eye in the studio. I'm not even sure I realized Oprah was still on:). No, of course I did ... television during daytime hours is just so foreign to me. When you said that, I just had flashbacks of my oldest being a baby. That was LITERALLY the last time I saw Oprah. I'm so out of the loop. This is an amazing story. I feel God has so much more planned for them, too. I find it interesting that they both went through this accident together and both survived. It'll be interesting to see what the future holds. I hope she keeps up the blogging. We all benefit from her truth and from her peace and from her hope.

  3. I also am a big fan of Nie Nie. She is so amazing and inspiring in so many ways!

    It's great to connect with you again, Mary Katherine. I most definitely have not forgotten about you! You have a lovely blog here. Thanks for "inviting me over", and for reading b*spoke. It's great to have you as a neighbor. :)

  4. MK, you are SO right - God does have a plan for them both, it is such a miracle that they both survived from the same horrific accident. God's plan is already in motion, she is inspiring so many - and I'm certain this is just the beginning ...

    The Oprah interview was about a year and a half ago (I record them and watch before going to bed!), sometime I'll see if I can find it online and FW you the link - it was incredible!