Friday, October 22, 2010

Kayce Hughes

(perfect with my boots)

This is Kayce Hughes.  She is amazing and one of those people by which I am encouraged.  You might remember my post about her house that was featured in Southern Living.  You might also remember my mentioning that she is the owner of the Pears and Bears clothing line.  I just love this line!  If you have not checked her site out, please do.  Her line for women and children is both timeless and versatile.  
Here are my favorite picks for me and my girls.  

(bama game)

(love the pink cord and the tie.  my girls would love the pouf!)

(you can never have too many white shirts.  love, love the ruffle on the sleeve here)

(mini mk outfit!!  this style would suit all my girls)

(I love the blue cord and the cap sleeves here)

(another great outfit ... socks and mary-janes now, tights and boots later)

(what a sweet, different holiday print.  love the tie in the front.)

(unexpected in it's color and fabric and style.  definitely a piece to be dressed up or down and would look great thrown over jeans)

(probably my favorite.

Thank you for your inspiration, encouragement and prayers Kayce!! 


  1. Ηello there from Greece!!!

    I never forget you, but i don't have plenty time to write to you. I was a month on police training in police academy and now I start learning italians, I work 8 hours a day, I have my husband, my little girl and I have the housekeeping, so you can understand me!!!

    your choices are great!!! very elegant!!!
    can I ask you something? when you girls play at home what kind of clothes they wear? uniforms? or they wear clothes like these?

    kisses to all of you!!! you are great and even I don't know you, I love you all!!! Have a nice weekend!!!

  2. Can't wait to hear how you did!! Update us all soon!