Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving at Camp Davenport

Happy Thanksgiving from Camp Davenport!
(BTW, there are a LOT of photos here.  You might want to go grab a cup of coffee first:)!)

Look at that cheesy smile:)!!

Kate and hide and seek...

Even Sammy was up for some coffee:).

My sweet Lu ...

Going on a walk ...

My girls just love being outdoors:)!

Sister love:).

Waaaaaaaaaaaay too much t.v.

Aunt Rina and Hanson Ellis

Nothing quite like a REAL leave pile to jump in!!

Grandfather doing his thing with the tennis lessons.

Crazy girls:).

Olivia thought she had found a lion in the barn:).

And then there is always a typical MK moment ... I decided I'd like a photo of me and the four of my five girls who were outside at the time.  I thought the hammock would be the perfect place.  Look at the photo.  Yes we are UNDER the hammock.  This is not intentional.  All five of us slid off:).  At least Patterson's lollipop was saved!

On one of our many Ingles runs, I decided to take a photo of the drive back.  This is where I like to run.  Sooooooooooooo beautiful!

Until next time ... 
To God be the Glory,


  1. LOVIN' your pics! so WHEN are we doing the hambrick shoot?? :))) no kidding- all your pics are frame worthy! how the heck do you decide?? favorite ones in this post: dog licking the coffee and all the pics of KATE- she's to die for!

  2. such beautiful photos, MK - the scenery reminds me of where I once lived outside of Charlottesville VA ... so pretty! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. You do the greatest photos. Hard to pick a favorite. But I love the lion in the barn. He's beautiful.