Friday, December 17, 2010

Love These Girls

My house is completely turned upside down right now.  I am finally in the Christmas spirit.  Happens every year ... I can't wait, then it is December and I'm not in the mood and then one week out I get very giddy.  We are having Richard's family over for lunch tomorrow, so I am baking, cleaning and "situating" things.  I don't know about you, but that usually means a complete mess in the process.  That's okay.  I've got Michael Buble's Christmas album blaring on the mac, cookies in the oven a cake that is waiting it's turn ... pizza on every kid's face and  Elf sitting on the counter waiting to be watched.  It's going to be a long night, but it's going to be a fun night:).
So, if you are in need of one more laugh ... here are some shots from today.  I've kept the one I'm sending out, so no surprises will be spoiled!!

As you can see, Kate was very disagreeable yet again today.  Imagine that!!

Sometimes I think, "If I just had the older three ... " In my mind, I think that everything would be perfect, just like the above photo.  But I know my heart would still be longing for my bottom two and as the bottom picture shows, life would still be WIDE OPEN!!

And then there is my sweet Lucie girl.  

Yes, the above image is sweet, but this one below is a PERFECT snapshot of her on a real life basis!  She is intense.  :)

I tried to hold Olivia, thinking that would be helpful ... um, no, it wasn't:).

 Oh, and here are some shots of Olivia and Kate at Kate's Christmas party today at school.  I'm too busy and lazy to cut and paste them in the right order.  Sorry!  

LOVE how Olivia still holds her hand out like a baby:). 

Kate :)

Okay, now for more photo attempts.  As you can see here, Olivia would NOT face the right way!  
And Kate, sweet thing, she was trying to have a happy heart:).

Here, Kate was convinced it was too cold to stand in the front.  And where was Olivia??  AWOL, of course.

And another attempt at a smile from Kate and where was Olivia this time?

Okay so here we tried to get Olivia AGAIN.  No such luck.

So here the girls decide to hold on to her. If you spent anytime around Olivia, you'd know that she was shouting "HEY!!!"

At least I can get some sweet shots of some of them. 
I know these faces will change so much over the next year.
Glad I can remember them:).

Okay, hope you all enjoyed a laugh or two at my expense!  Now you can add me to your prayer list.  If anyone ever needed it, I believe it would be me:).


  1. hilarious!! but it sounds like you've got one that works and I'm couldn't be happier for you!! Can't wait 'til you share it ;-)

    have a great weekend, MK!!

  2. your girls are gorgeous! you know i can soo relate to the photo sessions of five young children......lots of laughs to be had. :)

  3.'.cute. Olivia....growing up fast {sigh...precious}.