Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two Things I'll Never Pass On the Parenting Test

1. Potty Training
2. Getting Girls to Stay in Their Beds

But those two things don't make for fun blog posts, so ...

This morning started off a little slow (which was not on my agenda ... who has time for slow at a time like this??!!).  Because of all the icy roads last night, there was a two hour delay for the schools in our county, which meant that Kate and Olivia's school would be cancelled.  Richard didn't head out at 5:15 as usual, but stayed through breakfast.  The girls had BIG OL' smiles on their faces to see their Daddy sitting by the fire when they came downstairs.  It was a nice start to the day, for sure.  But after he left, we buckled down and got on with our day ... and it was as full as it always is.

When the two little ones went to nap, the older girls and I started on the Empire State Building our gingerbread house (which was/is made out of cardboard). Remind me again why nothing I do is simple!



I then took these three ...

to see a very abbreviated nutcracker that a local dance company put on at our community clubhouse.  By abbreviated, I mean 30 minutes.  It was perfect for the little ones, but I couldn't help but wonder how Tchaikovsky would have reacted to his ballet being butchered in the name of time.  

The girls did enjoy it, and it was a sweet moment in our hectic life.  

And this little one ... 
my oh my how she's changed in the last year ...

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  1. Oh my goodness what a day!! Love that huge candy skyscraper of yours - beautiful crisp shots, too ;-)

    And I have to say, I've been noticing in these last few rounds of photos how much your littlest has grown up recently ... just didn't want to say it out loud b/c I knew it would break your heart - glad you said something first ... she may not be tiny anymore, but she sure is a gorgeous young lady just like her sisters!!