Friday, December 10, 2010

Working On It ...

So the above it my wonderful new return address stamp that I just this week received from Toast and Laurel.  I'm a bit old fashioned, so when I read that they had wood handled stamps, I went to their site pronto!  I love it and hope that I will actually get my act together and be able to use it:).  Yes, we are still working on Christmas over this way.  My mind is so jam packed with "have to do's" "need to do's" and "want to do's" that I cannot be held accountable for anything that I say or do currently.  I mean seriously, it has become quite the joke around here lately ... I'm sure the girls think their Momma has completely lost her mind.  But I haven't forgotten to feed anyone and we are actually having some of the most productive school days lately and they (I think) love me anyway.  

Below are some snapshots of our living room ... and of the famous first tree that the girls and I bought and brought home and in the house all on our own!  I ended up braking down and ordering all matching, personalized stockings (for the girls) and a tree skirt this year.  If you remember from last year, I hadn't made Olivia's yet.  

(Christmas 09)

I anticipated not getting to it this year, either, so just to be on the safe side, I took a deep breath, told myself I wasn't any less of a creative Momma for doing so, and I placed the order.  They ended up being on sale and I'm just hoping they are not too atrocious.  We'll see.  They arrive on Wednesday of next week, so I'll be sure and fill you in on how they look.  I hung the stockings I made the girls in their rooms on their beds.  I still hope to make Olivia one, but we'll see.    

Sweet Ellie cat above fully enjoying the coziness of this time of year!
And my little Lucie and her Daddy (who just returned from work and Olivia is showing him an angel she made at MMO ... um, he won't be having anywhere near this much hair this time next year ... and I know he'll miss soooooooooooo much spending Christmas with his girls)

And if you're not familiar with the Jesse Tree, or don't already have a Jesse Tree tradition of your own, please check out my sweet and very creative friend Amy's blog.  You can follow her along as she documents her families celebration.  It has been my favorite so far! Her little felt ornaments remind me of the felt abc board she made Hanson Ellis when she was 1.

Okay, I'm off to try and cross some more things off my list(s).
Have a great weekend!

To God be the Glory.

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  1. sSunds like we're both in that frenzied state of mind that precedes Christmas every year - so much swirling around on my mental checklist I'm not even sure how we'll ever make it!
    Can't wait to see even more pictures as you continue right along ... good luck, MK, I'll be thinking of you!