Thursday, February 17, 2011


"we're on a roller coaster!"

Today was such a great day.  Typically Thursdays are not like that and to be honest I've not had a great school day in a while, but today ... today was great.  

I don't write about homeschooling as much as I should, as much as I'd like, or as much as I'd thought that I would.  Homeschooling, well educating ... teaching ... raising our girls is my greatest challenge, but I'm not sure there is anything quite as near to my heart.   I am, therefore, uncharacteristically quiet about this topic.  But I will say that when the girls are busy learning and creating and listening and thinking and producing, I feel like I've got the greatest life on the planet.  Everyday is not like that, which I'm sure doesn't surprise any of you.  And when it's not, they are still learning and growing, but just not so smoothly or the way I had planned that they would and I just have to almost turn my thoughts on it off or I'll beat myself in the ground.  Anyway, today was pleasant and full.  And yes, a homeschooling Momma of five all going in different directions can have a pleasant and full day all in one.  And you know, we even had a peaceful dinner! (This is definitely not always the case, and sometimes I wonder if it is really beneficial gathering everyone down at the table to eat as a family every night ... and yes, we do this every night.)   Tonight Olivia talked about the fire truck collage she made at "school" today.  Kate talked about it being "Pink Day."  Parker shared her Presidents Day joke book that she made in school and gave us all a mini lesson on the one Prophet of God who never told anything good, "so when he did, everyone knew he was lying."  Patterson made sure she caught every family rule that was violated by her sisters "Um, Olivia is doing that with her pizza."  "Kate, you need to be quiet when Momma is talking to Daddy.  It might be important and if they can't hear that would be rude."  Hanson Ellis sat and devoured her pizza as any growing pre-teen who had just gotten out of tap class would ... and of course smiled and giggled as she enjoyed the show that was occurring around her.  

My girls.  They are learning so much about life and about each other.  They have a relationship that was not their choice to have and one that is still developing.  But they have a relationship that will develop and grow stronger with every day of their life.  I wish I had a magic wand that I could wave above their heads and make them always be loving towards one another.  But they are figuring it out and they are learning together and more than not I get sweet glimpses of them enjoying their relationship as friends and not just as sisters.  

They are so blessed to have each other.  And I am so thankful to have each one of them.

Relationships, as we all know, can be so tricky.  But as I observe my girls, I am reminded of how important and priceless they are.  The struggles, the hurt feelings, the forgiveness, the lessons in patience are all more than worth the joy and the bond and the love that is created in the end.  

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  1. oh, MK, I absolutely LOVE this post ... they really ARE so so very blessed to have each other! I'm right there with you about sister relationships - priceless!! I was away the last 3 days and missed all the drama of your previous post - oh my goodness, mean and negative comments are my worst nightmare with this whole blogging thing - hope you aren't feeling as hurt as I would have been. I think you are one of the most selfless moms I know - please try to remember THAT instead ;-) big hugs from me to you ...