Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Preview

(doors open)

There was a high of 70 today and there was an amazing breeze to go along with it.  After lunch, the girls and I headed outside.

Olivia rode her bike for the first time by herself.  Super sweet!!  But even sweeter was when she realized what she was doing.  "I ride my bike!"  Absolutely does.not.get.better.than.this.

A friend asked me on FB if I had a camera attached to my forehead:).  No, but boy I can sprint to my room to grab it when I see that I need it!!  Thank you Laura for the very kind words.  Richard is the one who started me on all of this, and yet I'm not so sure he even pays attention.  Oh, well:).

Yes, today was a perfect little preview of Spring.  We are all so very ready for a new season.  In more ways than one!

Enjoy ...

(flowers from our sister) 

(hot enough to need our water)

(flowers in our hair)

(bike rides)

(unhealthy leaves that we think are pretty)

(and learning to put on)

(and to take off ... and that would be dead grass on my floor, btw ... one of the "plusses" of children able to go outside!)

(new buds on my hydrangeas)

(wind in my sweet little miss's hair)


(hilariousness as Kate tries to get on Hanson Ellis's back and then Hanson Ellis attempting to stand up once she's on!)

(and I think we're at 623 on the jumps ... just so we could say we jumped more than the boy down the street ... you know, it was for a good cause:)!)

And last, but definitely not least, if you'll look over at my Praying for Our Troops list, you'll notice that MAJ Lewis is, as of today, home again with Lorrie and their kids.  We are all praising God for this reunion!  Tears well up in my eyes as I know all too well the range of amazing emotions going on right now. So, so wonderful!
Welcome Home Jeremy!

To God be the Glory!


  1. sooo envious of your beautiful day - we're a solid 2-3 months away from days like that, booo! But seeing your photos was such a joy - so sunshiney and happy - and that Olivia is just amazing, growing up so fast!!

  2. Love the pictures, my favorite is the wind in Olivia's hair....too cute. And when I see that someone came home, what a blessing. My neighbor got home yesterday. Love to see the welcome home hugs and it is heart warming, even if our guy is gone. It's just so special because we've all been there and we KNOW!