Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter in Kansas

We moved to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas when I was newly pregnant with Olivia.  She was born when we were about midway through our time there.  The eleven months we were there were quick, but memories and friendships were definitely made.  We lived in Infantry Barracks.  Basically these huge three and four bedroom quarters (apartments) that used to be old Barracks.  They were built in 1900 and in all honesty were very neat.  Looking out the windows that lined the front of our apartment was Pope Avenue.  I liked to joke that it was the closest I'd ever get to Fifth Avenue:) and I was certain that with a little elbow grease our quarters could resemble The Plaza Hotel easily. (you learn in the military to have a great imagination!!)  From the windows that lined the back of our apartment you could see our courtyard area where we put up the girl's playground and which we shared with four other families.  At one point there were 18 kids between us all!  Good times, definitely.  One of those families is actually in the Fort Bliss area.  I look forward to Richard linking up with them before he deploys.

Easter Sunday is this Sunday.  It stinks that Richard had to report today.  Tomorrow is the start of the four day weekend in honor of Easter Weekend.  So, I guess he'll spend the long weekend in his hotel room.  Poor guy! I wish he could have been here with us, but I am thankful for the time he did have off prior to his leaving.  

Our Easter Sunday in Kansas was one of my most favorite Easter Sundays.  The Saturday before Richard got up and went across the street to the Main Post Chapel and hid all of the girl's eggs.  We woke them up, threw shoes, hats and robes on them and told them to grab their baskets!  They were delighted at their private, surprise hunt:).  I'm thinking I'll do my best to reenact that event this Sunday.  I think they will love another surprise hunt.  I'm also going to show them these images.  I don't think they've seen them, so that will be a treat!  I wish we could follow it up with a sunrise service outside like we did there.  Singing hymns and hearing God's word outside in the cold snuggling with all of my little people and Richard was just about as perfect an Easter as I could have had.  (and the girl's are still talking about the mini donut machine the Chapel rented for that day!)

He is Risen.
He is Risen Indeed!

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