Monday, April 18, 2011

One More Time

I know I've mentioned the zip-line we have in our backyard before, but I don't know if I've mentioned Kate on the zip-line before.  I've updated my FB status many times with notes of my hearing her squeal and giggle while her Daddy throws her around on that thing, but I don't know if I've ever mentioned that here.  Tonight as I was making an early dinner so Hanson Ellis could eat with us before heading out to dance, I heard that famous squeal and giggle.  Knowing this would be Kate's last ride on the zip-line with her Daddy for potentially a very, very long time, I grabbed my camera and headed out back.  I didn't even take time to get my shoes on.  I just went.  Here are the images I captured.  I hope you can see what I see and maybe almost hear what I hear.  Richard doesn't just let the girls ride down the zip-line, he throws them up with all his might and catches the little ones on their way down (or at least brakes their fall as they slam into the tree that is padded down with, what else, an old boppy pillow).   

Oh, how I'm going to miss the squeals.  

Oh, how my heart will yearn to hear "Daaaaaaaadeeeeeeeeeee!"

But I am thankful my heart will hurt.  It will hurt because of a good memory ... a sweet moment between a little girl and her Daddy.

Richard and his crazy "WHOOOP!" noise:). Parker off in the distance enjoying the little swing she made.

Olivia ... taking it all in as only she can.

Holding on tight as she spins ...

I'm going to miss my husband, but my heart will long for the girl's Daddy.  To me, my girls are the faces of war.

Resting tonight in Jeremiah 29.11
Praise God for the plans He has for us and for His word that reminds us that they are good.


  1. OH my word Mary Katherine. YES YES, I can hear them and yes, yes, I can see the joy! OH I love these!!!!

    I'm sad for you though. I can't help it! But you always rock the world with your strength, your character, your love and TRUST in the Lord and what He has for your and Richard's life. are amazing. God is amazing. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. You can do it!! I hope your night is a good one!!!

  2. what a sweet moment you captured, MK - well worth leaving those shoes behind ;-)

  3. Oh MK! My heart just aches for the separation you guys will go through.....I am fighting with all my might not to just break down this very moment. I am so thankful as well that your heart will miss him so. He is a great daddy and husband and I pray the Lord will give you so much comfort and strength as he is away and the same for Richard. Love you!!