Monday, April 4, 2011


Not only did I take a little break from blogging, but I also took a break from my camera.  I'm serious about this "focusing on family time" being priority number one.  I really have just wanted to do nothing but enjoy and accomplish the last couple of weeks.  I'm sure in time I'll feel like I did both of those things, but of course right now when I'm knee deep in it I feel like I've never been more stressed out and nothing has really gotten done.  But I know in time I'll look back on these weeks as a special time in our life and one that was full of little memories.  I know this because we've really just sort of stopped dead in our tracks with everything "normal."  I feel like time is flying by, yet standing still all together.  I have an extreme type A personality, so having Richard home as long as he has been off work and having a break in our usual day to day routine has just about driven me crazy at times,  (watching the movie Tangled this past weekend I realized that so many times I must appear just like her when she finally leaves the tower and is elated and grief stricken at the same time for leaving!!) but I know all too well what a gift 30 days of leave really is, and I'm glad they are not yet over.

Okay, so back to my camera.  After dinner tonight the girls wanted to run through the sprinklers.  Richard turned them on and I got my camera.  Just a simple moment, but a sweet one.  I'm glad to be slowly getting back into the swing of things again.


And one day when I get a chance, I'm going to take a class so I'll actually know how to use my camera.
Goodnight to you all!


  1. priceless. Looks to me like you know your camera just fine.

  2. I agree with need for classes when you have a natural gift!