Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunshine After the Rain

We went to Birmingham and Tuscaloosa this weekend for a very quick trip home.  
The weather was stormy Friday, but wonderful yesterday and today.  Cool, crisp and low humidity.  Not characteristic of Alabama, but welcomed by all.  The cool weather along with the sunshine was sort of an extra blessing after the storms that came Friday night.  It gives me a lot to ponder upon.  

We took the girls over to campus today to see the new statue of Coach Saban that was unveiled yesterday at the A Day game.  We had planned to be one of the 92+ thousand people in attendance, but the storm on Friday sort of put us behind on our schedule a day and we were not able to make it over until today.  I was okay with that until my SIL mentioned seeing Greg McElroy yesterday (just kidding!!  well, maybe not ...).   

I took this image of Olivia there.  Look at that face!  Sweet little freckles coming through ... getting to be such a big girl now. She's come a long way from the little baby that turned our world upside down.  

I absolutely love her to death.


  1. This is an adorable shot - glad you had a nice weekend. We had similar weather in Charleston.

  2. so glad to hear you're all safe and sound, those storms have been widely reported on the news up here - so awful :(
    and, yes, that little baby of yours is really growing up fast - such a beautiful little girl!