Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cousin Time!

Richard's sister Adrienne lives on the East side of Atlanta.  We live on the West.  With just about a 45 minute drive separating us, you'd think we'd link up all the time.  You would think, but you'd be wrong.  Funny how complicated schedules of eight kids can be!  Not to mention her husband travels.  My husband travels. Oh, and she and her husband participate in these little competitions known as Ironman Competitions.  Yeah, they are seriously crazy.  Crazy busy, I meant to say.  Crazy busy:).
Anyway, we were able to plan about three weeks ago a little museum trip for today.  We went to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History and had a perfect time.  A very kid friendly place with lots to see and explore.

Below is our trip ...

Goose brought her blanket ... which I ended up dragging through the museum (photo proof below) and which I was only happy to have after the encounter with the bubbles (see below).

Kate brought her barbie mermaid doll ... and if you look closely in these images, you'll see she held on to it tightly!!

There was a little t.v. inside this log that showed what would naturally be in it if it were out in the wild.  Pretty neat!

Above is a mock swampland with little holes at the bottom that were filled with turtles and snakes that live in the swamp.  Little treasures for the girls to find:).

Ahhhh ... the blanket.  I was walking around and I thought, "What is that I keep feeling on my leg?!"  Yes, the blanket hanging off my camera bag.  Lovely. One of those, "You know you're a Mom if ..." moments! :)

Okay enter Cousin Brett.  He is a HAM!!! So different than his big brother Ben.  I've always had a special place in my heart for Brett.  That place grew a little bigger today:).

Oh, and look ... other people with cameras!!

Bubbles anyone??

The heads cocked over EXACTLY the same KILL me!!!!! How funny is that?!

If you're ever in Atlanta ... stop by Fernbank.  You'll be glad you did.

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