Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Egg Sandwiches

It was almost midnight when I crawled into bed last night.  Not unusual, unfortunately, but last night it struck me in a way other than just being late.  I thought about how in minutes it would be Richard's and my anniversary.  As I started to think about that I remembered how hungry I was just before the ceremony and how someone had brought me a couple of egg sandwiches.  You know, I had forgotten all about that little detail!

My wedding was full of details ... from the way I wanted to the soldiers to enter to the bridesmaid's and flower girl's jewelry that I handmade from depression era beads.  The last fifteen years have been full of details as well.  There are the obvious ones of moves, births, etc.  And there are the random ones like the egg sandwiches.  I remember at 19 attending a Christmas dinner with Richard in the 505th Infantry ABN Chow Hall and causing quite a stir as the date of a young LT wearing black jump boots!  I also remember Richard taking Hanson Ellis and I to a night range when she was just one.  Was that legal?? :)  And I'll never forget how lonely it was sitting in the triage at Fort Bragg while in premature labor with Patterson and being surprised when a nurse walked in with a phone asking me if I was CPT Davenport's wife.  How way over in Hawaii you knew something was up, I'll never know, but I'll never forget how much that lifted my spirits and got me through that weekend in the hospital.  

Happy 15th to the best friend I'll ever have.  Thank you for loving me ... truly loving me in the good and in the bad.  

I know you'd lasso the moon for me if I'd ask!  :)
I love you Budrow.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I really enjoy your blog! Last summer I gave birth at Womack, and had to call my husband to let him know we had our daughter. It is really a surreal experience to walk into a hospital to have a baby by yourself. (Thank God for our doula!!) So when I read the line about being in triage, I knew the exact place you were talking about!

    And I can't tell you how often I've thought of a line from a previous blog post where you say your girls draw happy pictures, so you can't be ruining their lives, right?! Yes, I love it because it is such a daunting responsibility when you think about it. But we have to be doing things right, even though it doesn't always feel that way.

    My son is a toddler and I have found myself reading parenting books only when my husband deploys. Not sure if it's him or me or both:)

    Thanks for your great blog. It truly brings a smile to my face!

  2. Just 2 quick questions. 1. What goes into an egg sandwich? Sounds good! 2. Why the black jump boots at a dinner?