Saturday, June 25, 2011


Saturdays are best spent just hanging out at home.  And that is just what we did today.  I enjoyed an early morning run and the girls enjoyed playing with some neighbors they haven't seen in a while.  We made chalk (and will return to purchasing ready made in the future!), played on the slip n slide and listened to the Beach Boys, Aretha Franklin and this Elvis song ... a current favorite of the girls.  A simple, perfect Saturday.  


Thankful for a sweet, full day.  Thankful we're one more day closer to, as Kate says, being a family again.  Miss this man of mine ...

more than I could express in words.  The last 2+ weeks have been a challenge to not see or hear from him.  As he once told me, "You know, I don't constantly think about how much I miss y'all, but sometimes it's just overwhelming."  Yeah, I know exactly what he means.
I know God has a plan, and I know His plans are good and I know that He will provide ... but yes, sometimes it's just overwhelming.  How blessed I am to have such a special person in my life.

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