Friday, August 19, 2011

Beach Trip

For the first time ever, we had a summer beach trip.  The trip, in my mind, was anything but relaxing.  Where we stayed was just short of earning a full star (and yes, that would be ONE star), but looking at the photos, I realize there were memories made ... and even the nightmarish ones make me chuckle now.  I wish I could have overlooked the smell in our room and the ants in our room and the bugs in the pool (I'll stop there) and just focused on the seven of us being together.  No, that's not totally true ... I did focus on us being together and completely soaked that in, but the issues!  Oh the issues!!

Lesson learned ... no matter how tired I am, there is a reason I should be the one planning the trips. And from now on, always pack the cleaning supplies:).  We were blessed to go, and have some super memories to giggle over at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner in the years to come!



Yes, Olivia was HORRIFIED!  "It's coming!" was her response.  Love her anyway:).

Had fun, but oh so glad to see this city again!


  1. This post made my day! I am convinced that vacations, especially with kiddos are more crazy, but more memorable!~

  2. That black and white with the four oldest, where Kate has that growly face.....that must be blown up and framed. What a great, great picture!

  3. Amy, I'll add that to my list after the swing set one from right after we moved here to GA. Do you remember telling me to do the same with that one? :) Oh, my Kate. I knew you'd like this image. Who knows WHAT she was thinking. I surely don't. I didn't even notice until after I saw the image that she was making that face!! It was windy and a storm was coming and they wanted to do anything but pose, so it was definitely a "hurry, hurry, GIRLS!!! Come one just one picture!" kind of a moment. Yes, this is my life:). Miss you friend!