Saturday, August 27, 2011


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We have a t.v. in our house and we have Direct TV.  But that's not the confession.  My confession is that I'm not ashamed of it. We homeschool and my husband's frequently gone and it is oh so nice to have a show dvr'd for the little ones when I need a few minutes to unload the dishwasher without any help or when I simply  must make that quick phone call.  I also enjoy the background noise of the news when I'm folding laundry late at night or working on lesson plans.  When my husband's gone the days can be long and lonely and it is nice to have that connection to the outside world.   AND with five girls it is very difficult for me to "be all to all" solo.  I know there are those of you out there who can do it ... I'm just not one of those people.  And when he's home I enjoy finding a war documentary or discovering an old movie to dvr and watch with him late on a Saturday night.  And then there is football.  Can't forget football:).  I might be able to replace all of the previous mentioned, but I'm not clever enough to figure out how to stream football from the computer onto our t.v., so for now cable stays.

And all that said, I rarely actually watch t.v. ... even when Richard is gone.  Our girls never watch t.v. before bed, (and have never had an issue with that) but have always had stories and books ... even our 13 year old.  If you can do without t.v. great!  I think my only struggle with it is that we watch it so little that I feel wasteful in paying for it.  But for our family it is a much needed extra at times.

I know I'm being a rebel, but I must confess it is the truth.

Just sayin'!!
Have a great weekend y'all! :)

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