Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hanson Ellis had her first Holiday show today for the ensemble she's participating this year.  
And guess what?  I forgot my camera!!  These are from the Fall Festival in October.
I'm so proud of her for getting back involved in dance.  She took for 5 years from the same teacher in NC and was even in her wedding!  When we moved to KS, it was quite a shock for her to join a new place and be the new girl.  Because we moved in January, the costumes were already ordered and so the studio let her join, but wouldn't let her perform in any recitals.  She hung in there, but was miserable the whole time.  At the end of that year she just decided to sit out a year of dance.  When we moved to GA she wasn't as bold to step into a new program again.  She tried several other things our first year here, but I could tell when we dropped her sisters off at dance ... and especially at the end of the year recital ... that she wanted to be a part of the performing world again.  So this year she enrolled in tap.  The teacher told her the girls had been taking for 5 years, so if she wanted to be in the class with girls her age she needed to take an additional lower level class, too.  Then after a theater/tap workshop, she also decided to try out for an Ensemble Group. These photos are from that group.  Hanson Ellis is dwarfed by these girls:) and is nowhere near as involved in dance as they are.  But she has worked so hard, in both tap and this group.  I'm so proud of her for her bravery and courage and determination.  She's working hard, learning a lot and having a great time.
What a great example she's been to me!  
Love this girl of mine.

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